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Starting a new life in Canada is exciting experience yet challenging, there are many unknowns to adapting to a new life. At PAND we help immigrants and newcomers to Ottawa find their way through their journey
At PAND, we strive to provide multilingual and multicultural pre-arrival and post-arrival support services to those who are destined to Ottawa in order to bridge between newcomers and society and facilitate their successful adaptation and integration processes in Canada.
The Pre-Arrival Services are meant to help and prepare those who are about to immigrate to Canada so that they become familiar with potential challenges and learn how prospective immigrants can minimize risks and have a faster, more efficient economic and social integration to their new life in Ottawa.
The Post-Arrival services provide orientations and information to help familiarize newcomers with Canadian life and culture and are tailored to support newcomers with their essential and initial needs upon arrival. These services create a one-stop shop that offers a range of free and confidential services designed to promote positive engagement for smooth community integration, provide information and practical assistance for quick settlement in Ottawa, and help newcomers get prepared to find a suitable job.


Networking is one of the most important new skills a newcomer needs to acquire. It is a highly effective way to open new doors to better opportunities, start a job search, and meet professionals who can introduce you to new opportunities and assist you at every stage of your career.

A great number of jobs are not advertised publicly, connecting with people will make you visible, put you under the spotlight where you will be noticed. Networking will increase your opportunity to connect with like-minded colleagues and influencers with different backgrounds in similar situations which can lead to a number of jobs with employers that are hiring.
Through our various events, seminars, workshops, and networking sessions throughout the year, we provide you with the opportunity to meet new people who could potentially lead you to new opportunities.

Volunteering is another way to expand your network, it helps you learn more about your new surroundings, boosts Your Self-Esteem, expands your network, elevates your language skills, strengthens your resume with Canadian working experience, and increases your chance to build networks and get better job opportunities.
One of our main goals is to establish a training center to create a central welcoming and operation location for all community activities; connecting clients to public institutions; volunteering opportunities, cross-cultural activities; networking; job searching workshops, settlement mentorship as well as training, counseling and educational activities to help newcomers to advance education and community engagement and also provide self-serve facilities and equipment for information and orientation, employment resources & materials, access to computers, photocopying, and phones, job search workshops and supports.
We are here to assist you to participate and integrate as soon and as fully as possible into the economy and society.


Moving to a new country is difficult and challenging, we are here to help immigrants, refugees, and newcomers to Ottawa advance in their new cultural environment by equipping them with necessary employee training and education programs.
Some of the main challenges that newcomers are faced with can be summarized as

  • Looking for a job
  • Get a language assessment and register for language classes
  • Find a place to live
  • Fill out forms and applications
  • Sign up kids for school
  • Learn about community services
  • Learn about cultural rules
  • Find a proper job

Immigrants, refugees, and newcomers who come to Canada aim to settle into their new community, by finding a job, housing, understanding the available resources within the community, and adapting to daily life in a new country, however, their new home is different, and they need to be fully prepared for the job hunt and understand how the recruitment process works.
PAND offers a variety of information sessions, coaching, peer groups, occupational skills, workplace culture, job search strategy, resume writing and interview preparation workshops to help job seekers explore their career choice, personal brand and learn how they can increase their chances to secure a job.


At PAND, we believe that when immigrants and newcomers succeed, the whole community will prosper. We are here to help Newcomers, Immigrants and Refugees reach their full potential to find a proper job in Ottawa.
Employment and stable income is a necessary part of the settlement process, we help you acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to increase your employability and will get you ready for the job market to fully leverage your skills and talents.
We are here to get you ready for life and work in Canada before you arrive with proper planning and orientation to your new life in Canada.
PAND shows you the pathways to Prosperity and provides required services to help you integrate into your new community while promoting greater social inclusion, community engagement, and recognition among all Ottawans.
Our goal is to help you Embrace Canada as your new home, provide needed support for you to stay positive throughout your journey, and get you to move out of silos and integrate into the community as smoothly as possible.

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