French Language Course

Make French your ambition
Practice French with a topic that interests you
Define content with your teacher to meet your objectives, schedules and pace of work

French is one of the two official languages of Canada and Ottawa, and is spoken by close to 200 million people worldwide.  You can learn French and improve your speaking skills and pronunciation of French in small friendly, supportive learning atmosphere. We have French-language courses and programs for every skill level, from casual beginners to people seeking French language credentials for professional development. Our French language course offers:

  • Up-to-date materials and techniques

  • Weekend and evening course options (if enrolment permits)

  • One or two classes per week, for two hours, depending on your level and your objectives

  • Small size classes (5–12 students max) to help build up the students’ confidence in French and support their progress

  • Preliminary course registration is now open

Registration will take place in 3 easy steps.
1- Fill out the Registration form below
2- Once you successfully submitted your request, you will receive an email with more information on available dates and tuition
3- Select desired date and make payment

Each term consists of twelve 1.5 hr sessions.
Classes will be held once a week with maximum 10 students.
The tuition fee for each term (12 sessions) is $96 dollars per student, payable before the beginning of the first session.

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