Prosperity, Advancement, Networking and Direction for Newcomers to Ottawa​


We are with you, every step of the way


Starting a new life in Canada is exciting experience yet challenging, there are many unknowns to adapting to a new life. At PAND, we help immigrants and newcomers to Ottawa find their way through their journey.


Networking is one of the most important new skills a newcomer needs to acquire. It is an effective way to open new doors to better opportunities, start a job search and meet professionals who can introduce you to new opportunities.


Moving to a new country is difficult and challenging, we are here to help immigrants, refugees and newcomers to Ottawa advance in their new environment by equipping them with necessary training and education programs.


At PAND, we believe that when immigrants and newcomers succeed, the whole community will prosper. We are here to help Newcomers, Immigrants and Refugees reach their full potential to find proper job in Ottawa.

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